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I am an optimistic, creative, and sensitive persona. I cherish my role as a mother to two wonderful children: Shiv and Sara. The name Shiv was chosen by me decades ago during my middle school years—a testament to long-held dreams! As for Sara, her name was bestowed upon us by my spiritual guru.

I earned my BFA degree from the vibrant city of Nagpur, India -2003. In 2005, I embarked on a new journey and relocated to the USA. After dedicating a few years to nurturing my firstborn, I reignited my professional aspirations with renewed vigor. My creative odyssey began as a graphic designer, transitioning to web design, further evolving into web development, and ultimately culminating as a UI and UX designer.

When I’m not immersed in designing or coding interfaces, I indulge in the joys of online shopping for beautiful artifacts, painting canvases, or delving into spiritual literature.

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